Promotion of reproductive and family health

KfW, 2017 - 2020
Contract value: 2,199,808 EUR

The project Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health (PSRF) is a contribution of the German-Guinean Financial Cooperation in support of the goverment of Guinea, aiming at increased use and quality of reproductive health services in the regions Kindia and Boké to help to improve the health of mothers and newborns in Guinea.

The total project budget amounts to € 15.45 million, of which a financial contribution of € 15 m. is made by the German government through KfW and a contribution of € 450,000 is to be financed by the Government of Guinea for maintenance of health infrastructure.

The development of this project is based on KfWs longstanding commitment in the health sector. The Ebola outbreak in Guinea has revealed weaknesses in the Guinean health system. The problems identified during the feasibility study for the project have allowed to reveal a deplorable state of the infrastrucuture, a chronic lack of funding, and shortages in qualified staff in the health facilities of the country. This has resulted in a poor health status of the population, especially in the area of reproductive and family health.

In order to remedy this situation, the new project has been identified and financed by the German government through KfW. It is implemented through three components, namely:

i) The rehabilitation, extension and equipment of peripheral health facilities;

ii) A performance-based funding mechanism for the reimbursement of health services aiming at provision of quality reproductive health services;

iii) The development of community-based communication, advocacy and contraceptive distribution activities to stimulate demand for RH services.

The implementation of the project is ensured by the Office for Strategy and Development (BSD) of the Ministry of Health, where the project is based, and which mobilizes the international Consultant (the consortium GFA Consulting Group/CES) for regular support of the BSD in project implementation.


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