Water Sector Reform Program (WSRP)

GIZ, 2013 - 2015
Contract value: 1,295,725 EUR

The overall objective of the Water Sector Reform Program (WSRP) was to improve the legal, organizational and institutional framework of the Zambian water sector, leading to sustainable access to safe and reliable Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) services in low income areas and improved IWRM.
The consortium had the specific responsibility for the continued implementation under phase 2 of Component 2: Support to the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program - NRWSSP (PBA) with the specific objective: Efficiency and transparency of the implementation of the NRWSSP are improved. Regional scope of the consortiumĀ“s intervention was the Eastern Province of Zambia, consisting of nine districts.
To achieve the componentĀ“s objective, the consortium provided a Provincial Support Team (PST) for Eastern Province, consisting of five national long term experts, in order to assist and develop capacity of the nine concerned District Councils (DCs) to manage their own water supply infrastructure and improve the overall sanitation situation in the rural areas of Eastern Province. The PST was headed by an international Team Leader and supported by a pool of international and national short term experts.
The areas of intervention (AoI) of the PST included: (1) Development of institutional structures at provincial, district and local levels, (2) Strengthening of management capacities at provincial and district levels, (3) Support the implementation of water supply and sanitation infrastructure and accompanying measures e.g. health and hygiene promotion, (4) Development of O&M capacities at district and community level, and (5) Preparation of the phase-out of the Technical Assistance (TA). The PST worked on the provincial level in collaboration with the Provincial Department of Housing and Infrastructure Development (DHID), the decentralized structure of the partner Ministry (MLGH). The main counterparts were the Provincial DHID engineers and the nine DCs, particularly the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Units (RWSSUs).


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