Madagascar: School Kits for Street Children

Posted on 25 Nov, 2013 by GFA

Since the crisis in 2009, Madagascar stagnates as a country and poverty levels are increasing sharply. As a result, school enrolment is decreasing while the number of school drop-outs increases. This is the case not only in rural but also in urban areas. Many poor families cannot afford to send their children to school, depriving them of the right to education. The Centre Akanifitahani, a small day-care centre and school for street kids and other poor children, has been trying to counteract this trend since 2006.

For the school start in October, GFA supports the Centre in purchasing 300 school kits and other essential school supplies. This will enable 300 non-privileged children aged 3 to 17 to start or continue their education. Each school kit contains a small backpack, a small pencil case, basic stationery, and pens, crayons, erasers and sharpener. The remainder of the funds will be used to repair some of the school's furniture or manufacture some new benches.

This project was undertaken by Michel Jamar (CTA Madagascar National Parks) and Susanne van Lieshout.