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GFA is a learning organization – our quality and performance is based on market adaptation and staff orientation. The company’s international recognition as a dependable partner is incorporated in a set of values which focuses on excellence, innovation, responsibility, integrity, and human resources. We are setting high standards for our in-house staff as well as for our external experts. GFA seeks to attract and retain people whose education, talents and commitment are among the best available. We provide our staff with best opportunities for personal and professional enhancement within a supportive and stimulating company culture.

Within the framework of more than 300 ongoing projects and studies worldwide, we employ experts both on a permanent employment or on an ad-hoc assignment and retainer basis. This way, we can offer tailor-made solutions to the employment aspirations of external freelance experts. In the field, external experts will be effectively assisted and can rely on an experienced team of professional support staff at headquarters offering timely tailor-made backstopping and support services in accordance with expected performance standards.

GFA’s in-house staff has a multi-disciplinary understanding of the socio-cultural, economic and political background in the project countries. This covers all technical aspects related to work outputs, outcomes and impacts to be achieved. Organizational issues such as travel and visa arrangements, as well as financial and administrative procedures and reporting are dealt with. More complex programs and projects as well as framework contracts need identifying, mobilizing and fielding a significant number of short-term experts. To this end, GFA uses its continuously updated and upgraded expert database which currently covers over 30,000 expert profiles.

Many project countries are increasingly characterized by fragile socio-political and/or socio-economic contexts which is why security and emergency concerns of GFA experts are of utmost importance. GFA has developed and applies a unique security, safety and emergency assistance system. This tool is mandatory for all GFA employees and external experts when travelling in the context of assignments abroad. It allows GFA to maintain permanent contact with employees and external experts and to intervene effectively in case of danger or emergency.

Last but not least, thanks to its strong operational and financial standing in the market, GFA has the necessary financial means available to ensure swift and correct payment of external experts’ fees and invoices.

If you would like to become part of our pool of experts for projects and studies in development cooperation, please send your up-to-date CV in English and/or French and/or Spanish, using the possibility of CV registration below.

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