We are part of the GFA team - when will you join us?

In Hamburg we employ more than 350 employees, and we have more than 1070 colleagues working on our projects worldwide. Who are the people who actually work at GFA? What is their day-to-day work like and what excites them about their job? Because we can't sum up the diversity of all the different functions and fields of activity in just a few words, we'll just let our colleagues speak for themselves!

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"I work on a range of different projects every day. I jump back and forth between meetings, and individual tasks that I work on independently at my desk. Which is really great, because you meet so many people and get to work with different people."

Lukas Mörchen Junior Professional at the Education, Skills & Employment Department

As a trilingual assistant, it is a highlight for me to speak German and English in addition to my mother tongue French in my daily work routine.

Samira Wagner Administrative Coordinator at the Public Finance Management Department

Together with a global team, we work to strengthen GFA's networks in the regions where we are active. In this way, we help ensure that local expertise is effectively incorporated into our projects. It is particularly exciting for us to find approaches that are well suited to each respective region.

Britta Ziemann, David Jebens, Regional Business Development
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"When I tell people that I work in the agricultural sector, most of them imagine green fields, tractors, harvesters, hardworking farmers. However, agriculture is much more than what people have in their minds. It involves policy advice and advocacy, economic analysis and forecast, national legislation, extension and education, agribusiness and marketing, digital innovations and new technologies."

Kamila Tovbaeva Consultant at the Agriculture & Rural Development Department