Report a suspicion or a violation

GFA is committed to integrity, which is one of our important values and an essential aspect of our business and daily work. In GFA we live a culture of transparent and open behavior and deal with concerns in an open manner.

For situations when an open approach seems not feasible or not appropriate, GFA has a whistleblower portal. Our whistleblower portal is a way to report suspicions or violations of our code of conduct, internal company rules or applicable laws worldwide. It serves the purpose of uncovering misconduct and preventing harm and we assure that there are no negative consequences for any whistleblower who submits a justified report.

All reports are carefully evaluated and handled confidentially. No distinction is made between reports with or without sender reference.

If you wish to receive an answer we kindly ask you provide your best e-mail.

We thank you for your contribution as an important input supporting us to live up to and guarantee our integrity.