India: A Marketplace for Entrepreneurs

Posted on 25 Nov, 2013 by GFA

World Volunteer, a Swedish organization, has worked with Women’s Education for Development Trust (WEDT) in India to support self-help groups for women entrepreneurs some of who struggle with profitability because of unfair pricing, low product quality, and gender discrimination. In order to address these challenges a marketplace will be built as a key trading link between rural communities and urban trading centers. The increased range of products available will benefit all entrepreneurs but it will be designed with particular consideration for small-scale women entrepreneurs. The marketplace will be built in collaboration with entrepreneur associations and the local municipality which will own the market upon completion. GFA will provide planning and management expertise and construction materials while WEDT will contribute expertise regarding entrepreneurship, trading patterns, and local regulations. International volunteers will join community members in the construction of the marketplace.

This project was undertaken by David Jonsson, World Volunteer, Sweden.