Art meets GFA: Dana Szymanczyk and Ronny Steinbrück

Posted on 3 Jul, 2017 by Beate Friedrichsen

Dana Szymanczyk and Ronny Steinbrück are a photographing couple from northern Germany - in Hamburg and Bremen. They call their exhibition „Pins on a Map". This title stands for different places and contexts in which the photos have been made. Starting in June 2017, a few exhibits can be viewed at GFA.
The photos are thematically very different, showing staged motifs and spontaneously taken ones on the road or in everyday life. The shots are characterized by spur-of-the-moment inspiration and aesthetics and present different preferences for contrasts and contradictions.
Both photographers are again and again driven by the motivation to play with perception, to discover the unusual in common phenomena, to understand and portray, and to enjoy designing real scenes in a new light.
Until October 2017, the photos of Dana Szymanczyk and Ronny Steinbrück can be viewed at the GFA premises in Volksdorf, Hamburg.