Posted on 1 Oct, 2020 by Christine Fröhlich

The GFA C³ Trainer Network further enhanced its better learning mindframe through the Professional Training course. After part one of the training course was completed in self-study between January and March 2020, part two - the presence-based module - had to be rescheduled due to Covid-19 and finally took place during this week (28-30 September 2020).

We were happy to welcome Prof. Dr. Zierer, University of Augsburg, at GFA. He is the co-author of the publication 10 mindframes for visible learning (J. Hattie, K. Zierer), on the basis of which the training course was developed. Prof. Dr. Zierer was accompanied by Sebastian Benkhofer, University Witten/Herdecke, Tobias Krippendorf and Lars Harnischmacher, both from Institut für berufliche Hochschulbildung (IBH).

Overall, 14 GFA colleagues participated in the course at GFA headquarter, plus two participants connected virtually via MS Teams. The course will certainly help the C³ Trainer Network improve existing and future training courses and training-of-trainer schemes. The IBH certificate additionally documents the new qualifications of the participating trainers.

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