C³ Newsletter Edition 14/2021: Multiple course formats gaining ground

Posted on 22 Dec, 2021 by Christine Fröhlich

The variety of course formats has increased quite considerably in the last years, mainly due to digitalization. The COVID 19 pandemic speeded up this phenomenon in the last 24 months. So, the classical face-2-face workshop and distance learning by mail or e-mail today, seem almost forgotten, since many more course types have evolved. In order to maintain better learning in our projects and in-house courses and with the conviction that skills of people need to keep pace with digitalization, GFA has developed a number of standard training courses for trainers and moderators in this virtual setting. Find two examples on page three of this newsletter. This newsletter further describes our courses in Mexico and two training schemes in the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South America. On the last page, we present our new C³ team and an entertaining tool used to prepare animated videos. E-learning is here to stay! Let’s make it better!

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On the photo from left to right: Katja Schifferer, Judith Bierbaum, Christine Fröhlich, Claudia Mussi

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