China: Nomad School Project in Tibetan Highlands

Posted on 25 Nov, 2013 by GFA

Students of an international school in Beijing support a primary school for Nomad children in the Qinghai Province of the Tibetan highlands. 170 children from ethnic minority and Nomad families attend the school where most of them live together with teachers and support staff.  The idea for this project was raised during a practical school training of the international students in Qinghai. When they visited the primary school, they set up a sanitation project in collaboration with teachers and local students that aims at improving the school’s sanitation status.

The Beijing students contributed their academic award and collected funds for repairing the school’s sanitation facilities, kitchen and dormitory, improving waste management, buying winter clothing and providing training on basic health. They themselves developed the information material and conducted the training. GFA complemented the efforts by financing two solar water heaters and training material on individual hygiene.

>> Download everyday hygiene poster

This project was undertaken by Mrs. Sylvie Dideron in partnership with Mr. Lijia Tsering, Gangcha School Headmaster, and Mr. Donke, Xunhua County Governor.