Colombia: Entrepreneurial Amazonia

Posted on 20 Nov, 2019 by GFA

AISO, the Academy for Innovation and Sustainability, bought a 30 hectare piece of land in Colombia in the Florencia-Caquetá Department and called it Amazonía Emprendedora. The Academy will build a Green Business Training Center on this plot. Entrepreneurs, tourists and consumers will learn about sustainability in tourism, ecological business models, and green marketing in specialized seminars. AISO plans a Maloka (an indigenous word for "house" or "cabin") for the visitors of the Training Center, in which the trainings and events will take place. Also, dry toilets and a camping site will be built. The project aims at improving training opportunities in tourism to counteract environmental destruction. The local population should have access to ideas and opportunities for environmentally friendly income alternatives so that local people can protect their environment and do not need to migrate to urban areas. The initiative is to make an ecological contribution against deforestation and destruction of the environment, and to present income-generating alternatives to the local population. The initiative began in February 2018 and enters its third phase with the construction of the Training Center.

Permaculture design of the Forest School Amazonía Emprendedora (PDF)

The project was initiated by Julio Andrés Rozo, the founder of AISO, and is realized by him and his partners, and local communities.