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Posted on 8 Jul, 2024 by Virginia Barberis

The Digital Innovation Unit at GFA has recently unveiled an exciting new product: D^2 Innovate (D-squared). Our freshly launched website, https://d2innovate.eu/, serves as a dynamic hub for collaboration and exploration.

With D^2 Innovate, we focus on harnessing data to drive innovation for sustainable development. Acting as a co-creation hub, D^2 Innovate advances data innovation to tackle sustainable development challenges. We collaborate closely with public bodies and civil society to understand their specific needs, crafting tailored, people-centered data solutions that are grounded in real-world contexts.

Our core areas of expertise include Data Science & AI, Data Use & Practices, and Geospatial data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We foster a collaborative environment where experts from various sectors and diverse backgrounds converge to rapidly prototype custom tools, processes, and strategies. This participatory approach ensures that the solutions we create are not only contextually appropriate but also highly effective and sustainable in the long term. Our team employs a data innovation framework that incorporates established design-thinking principles to guide our work.

Visit our new website to learn more about how we leverage data to drive meaningful innovation for sustainable development.