Posted on 1 Dec, 2020 by GFA

During October 2021, GFA Bridges launched a project to improve the situation of vulnerable children in Kinshasa by creating the opportunity of learning to play tennis as well as to participate in further extracurricular support programs.

The project name: "Lisanga yasika", in the local language of Lingala represents; “Foundations for a new generation”, and aims to provide new perspectives in the lives of street children within the capital city of Kinshasa, where the project is based. The project holder is the NGO Zoo Tennis Club situated in front of the national Zoo in the northern region of the city. The club was established as a not for profit organization and one of the management team’s objectives is to help children in need who live in the surrounding areas. Through the support of GFA, an additional 60 street children aged between 5 and 14 years will be able to participate in various sport and education programs. The social workers and trainers consider tennis as a useful vehicle for developing social cohesion as well as for structuring the lives of children and youths. These children will also enjoy the access to out of school classes for writing, reading, languages (French and English), as well as music; that are all carried out via the teaching methods inspired by the Montéssori and adapted to the rhythm of the children. GFA finances the construction of the three-rooms-school premises.

This project was initiated by Laurent Verschueren, GFA Procurement Expert of the Fiscal Agent of the Global Fund in Democratic Republic of Congo.