Egypt: Mini Medina allows children to create their own versions of society

Posted on 26 Nov, 2014 by GFA

Mini Medina (Medina is Arabic for “city”) is a play town, a small model  of the big city, in which children are in charge.The topic of Mini-Medina is that of a town: how does city life work, how do administration, local politics, the cycle of work, money and consumption function?  Mini Medina makes this everyday life in a big city accessible for children. In a mostly adult-free environment, children and teenagers playfully develop their own versions of work and study, politics, administration, culture and participation in public life. They address current problems and create solutions to real-life situations in Egypt. This makes their play-based society a better one and encourages values such as civic engagement and social responsibility.

The GFA Bridges grant is used to run two Mini Medina play cities in Aswan and Alexandria, organize a screening of a documentary on the concept and work done so far, conduct a training of trainers workshop, and develop an open-source manual for more Mini Medinas in Egypt.
This project was undertaken by Helen Naser and Nairy Abd El Shafy.

>> Enjouy the video about Mini Medina in Egypt

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