GFA Certification creates FSC standard for ecological Christmas trees

Posted on 30 Nov, 2017 by Gerhard Kuske

Just as every year, numerous Christmas trees decorated German homes these days. Some of them originate from local forests but most of them are grown in special Christmas tree plantations. In Germany and abroad, the latter apply a lot of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. But there are producers that completely do without such fertilizers and pesticides. GFA Certification has developed a Christmas trees standard that has been approved by FSC International. GFA Certification has certified first plantations in accordance with the new standard since Christmas season in 2016 and 2017. Some of these plantations are located just around the corner of its headquarters, in Schleswig-Holstein. The Ministry of Environment, Agriculture, Food, Viniculture and Forestry of Rhineland-Palatinate initiated and supported the FSC standard which is widely acknowledged by environmental groups.

The use of pesticides for weed and pest control and the application of inorganic fertilizers is prohibited in FSC certified plantations and fir needles of existing Christmas tree plantations are lab-tested in order to exclude pesticide use. Numerous additional requirements safeguard that the plantations are managed in an ecologically and socially sound way. Even though FSC certified Christmas trees will remain a niche products for the immediate future, GFA is proud of having set a new standard for a seasonally important market.

Plantations near GFA headquarters:
Försterei Rickling, Zum Wachtelstieg 3, 24598 Latendorf,
phone +49 (0) 4393 / 970 608,

Försterei Tangstedt, Försterweg 15, 22889 Tangstedt,
phone +49 (0) 4108 / 250 117, e-mail:

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