Posted on 27 Oct, 2021 by Anja Desai

After eight years it was high time for all Managing Directors of the GFA Group to meet together in person for a full day. As the photo depicts, a great atmosphere was enjoyed by all during the September 2021 experience of the broad diversity and strength of the GFA Group. A mutual understanding across the business activities within the GFA Group companies was thereby afforded. We worked on identifying complementarities as well as approaches to valorizing the GFA group members and therefore specific actions will be developed during the coming months. The new intention is to meet annually, in order to jointly tackle the diverse challenges of the future.

Photographed from left to right:
Back row:
Dietram Oppelt (Heat), Dr. Daniel Wahby (Cluster Coordinator Climate & Energy, GFA Consulting Group), Zoran Kapor (GFA SEE), Jonathan First (GFA Climate & Infrastructure), Jörn Ackermann (GFA Certification), Moritz Lörcher (Projekt-Consult), Harald Litterscheid (GFA B.I.S.), Timo Bollerhey (H2 Global Advisory), Dr. Heiko Weißleder (GFA Holding), Markus Exenberger (H2 Global Advisory)
First row: Dr. Linda Kleemann (Cluster Coordinator Digital Innovation, GFA Consulting Group), Dr. Ilona Schadl (GFA Holding), Anja Desai (GFA Holding), Jo Bennet (TolaData)
Andreas Hentzien (GFA SysCom) could not attend the meeting.