Posted on 21 Mar, 2022 by Anja Desai

Back in 2019, a survey across all GFA projects showed that more than one third of our work focuses on education, training and capacity development, and that this is true across different kinds of projects and strategic business areas. “What happens if all of this goes digital?” GFA asked itself back then, not knowing that the answer was around the corner.

Today, digital learning has become a common phenomenon, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This newsletter sheds some light on a GFA corporate culture of "digital by purpose” instead of “digital by default”. What do digital learning projects actually look like? How did various GFA departments and projects create instructive digital learning opportunities for medical professionals in Libya or Ukraine, young job seekers in Nigeria or Albania, entrepreneurs across the African continent, teachers and TVET practitioners, and other beneficiaries worldwide?

GFA is committed to the nine principles of digital development that include but are not limited to a user-centred approach, a thorough understanding of the existing ecosystem, and developing digital solutions for sustainability. During the Covid-19 pandemic, GFA and its partners went through a steep learning curve and leapfrogged into a new area. Due to the crucial and irreplaceable experiences during this "digital by default" period, GFA is now at the forefront of closing the digital divide by applying the most appropriate mix of digital and analog methods.

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