Hakama governance reform program launched in Morocco

Posted on 21 Dec, 2017 by Sahra El Fassi

On 6 December 2017, GFA officially launched the EU-funded Advisory Mission for Public Governance Reform in Morocco. The mission is part of the Hakama Program, which provides European support to public administration reform in Morocco.

The project aims at strengthening public governance and improving citizen services by providing consultancy services. The multinational GFA expert team is based within the Ministry for Administration Reform in Rabat. The team closely cooperates with Moroccan officials, the Delegation of the European Union in Morocco, and other relevant stakeholders.
The overall project aim is to support the implementation of various reform activities at the heart of the Moroccan administration. The project has four components comprising the improvement of relations between the administration and citizens as well as the quality of public services. Public governance and transparency, the valuation of human capital in the administration and strengthening the administrative management, human resources, financial and accounting management capacities of Ministry are essential components as well.

The official project launch took place at the Ministry for Administration Reform, the main beneficiary of the project. Both the minister in charge of the reform of the administration and public service, Mr. Mohammed Benabdelkader and the Head of Delegation of the European Union to Morocco, Ambassador Claudia Wiedey, emphasized the importance of public administration reform for inclusive development and the consolidation of good governance.

A consortium involving GFA Consulting Group, DMI Associates, VNG International and Thalys Conseil will be implementing the project in cooperation with a Hakama team from September 2017 to March 2020.

Photo credit: Ministère de la Réforme de l’Administration et de la Fonction Publique