Launch of Zimbabwe’s LEDS

Posted on 11 Dec, 2019 by Martin Burian, Climate Competence Center

The government of Zimbabwe officially launched its long-term low emission development strategy (LEDS). The LEDS development was supported by GFA in cooperation with carbon counts and features detailed economic and GHG emission modelling of the energy sector but also of the other three IPCC sectors, IPPU, AFOLU and waste. The economy wide modelling enables the government to consider to move from its current NDC, constrained to the energy sector, to an economy wide NDC. The LEDS was conceived based on the following working approach: (1) economic cost/benefit analyses of mitigation measures, as identified by government, industries and civil society representations, (2) consideration of policy amendments to guide private sector investment into the economically viable abatement potentials, and (3) harnessing of suitable financing instruments to reduce / bridge the gap between economical- and financial viability.

As such, the LEDS aims to lay out a realistic pathway, which fosters economic development while significantly reducing the country’s GHG emissions.