Posted on 30 Sep, 2020 by Dijana Draganovic

The panoramic landscapes and the beautiful coastline of Albania are repeatedly tarnished through reoccurrences of waste in those areas. Albania shares similar difficulties with most developing countries in that it faces the challenge of managing its solid waste.

On the 2nd of September 2020, GFA’s Water, Sanitation and Waste Management department launched a new GIZ project in Tirana to address their solid waste and recycling management. The project aims to establish foundations for climate sensitive implementation of the National Strategy for Integrated Solid Waste Management. The waste sector in Albania has reached a pivotal moment in which the Albanian Government is motivated by its EU membership candidacy, granted in 2014, to therefore work towards improved waste management services that are in line with EU standards. While the legal framework and strategy has improved, many necessary steps toward implementation remain. GFA will provide advisory service at national level while modernizing solid waste management at local level in order to assist with the aforementioned progress.

GIZ and the GFA team have joined their collective force to organize a kick-off meeting in Tirana in order to work together on improving Albania’s waste sector over the coming 28 months while also incorporating all prudent Covid-19 rules and regulations.