Moldova: Auxilliary School No. 6

Posted on 25 Nov, 2013 by GFA

The Republic of Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. Since the fall of communism, social infrastructure has collapsed. Mentally or physically handicapped children are suffering the most. Auxiliary School Nr. 06 in Chisinau tries to alleviate the hardship of over 300 handi­capped children aged 6-18 which currently live at the boarding school. The pedagogical team is dedicated in their support to the children despite the lack of financial resources. Grants received in recent were too small to have an impact.

Therefore, the Bridges project financed by GFA aims at renovating and equipping the speech therapy unit, which will have a positive impact on the future life chances of the children supported. Improving speech and talking skills will enhance the children’s ability of cope with social skills. The school is committed to maintain the renovated speech therapy room and the purchased equipment. The number of children receiving speech therapy at the therapy unit will be increased.

This project was undertaken by Philip Santens (Team Leader, ESRA Project) and Angela Santens.