Posted on 7 Jun, 2024 by Lisa Heise

The Natural Resources Management & Environment Department at GFA signed a contract for consultancy services with the National Natural Parks of Colombia (PNNC). The four-year project on behalf of KfW aims at consolidating protected area management and improving connectivity in priority corridors. To this end, the project, as part of the Herencia Colombia (HeCo) initiative, intends to contribute to the protection and sustainable use of natural resources in Colombia.

GFA has started assisting the executing agency PNNC in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the project, and in achieving its objectives. Related activities are carried out in eleven regional and national protected areas in the Cordillera Central, Transición Orinoquía and Piedemonte Andino-Amazónico regions. Most of the protected areas are partially located in or near the Páramos, a unique high-altitude grassland ecosystem that secures clean water for millions. In particular, the Chingaza National Park with its Páramo ecosystem is of utmost importance for the water supply of Bogotá, the capital city with its eight million inhabitants.

The GFA chief technical advisor, in close cooperation with the national PNNC team, contributes to the technical and financial operationalization and design of project measures, focusing on effective protected area management. The project team promotes sustainable production systems encouraging community participation. In this context, GFA experts apply strategies for conservation agreements with the local population in priority areas. This will both safeguard the connectivity or buffer zone function of protected areas and benefit local communities in their livelihood efforts.

GFA strives at a smooth project implementation that contributes to the sustainable management and protection of areas that are vulnerable to climate change and land use change but are characterized by a high biodiversity and socio-cultural heritage.