Reception capacity of the Arnaud Orphanage in Madagascar improved

Posted on 20 Nov, 2018 by GFA

La Maison d’Arnaud or Arnaud Orphanage is a center receiving orphans, homeless and malnourished children, as well as babies or children of women imprisoned at Diego Suarez’s jail. The center is located in Antanamitarana village, 12 kilometers from Madagascar's capital Diego Suarez.  Currently, the center shelters 29 children and is funded by Arnaud Foundation. Due to the lack of furniture, budget and staff capabilities, the reception capacity of the orphanage is limited. Therefore, GFA Consulting Group is financing the acquirement of computer and audiovisual teaching materials set for the library, and a first aid nursery box. In addition, training and inputs needed for permaculture, poultry and livestock breeding in order to increase crop and livestock yields at the center's farm, and to enhance children’s food quality.

The project has been initiated and implemented by members of Maison d’Arnaud, and by trainers from Ecovillage specialized in permaculture and livestock. Its main goal is to improve the quality and quantity of the orphanage's reception capacities, and to enhance children’s livelihood.

The project was supported by Local Economic Development Volaniaina ROBSONA in cooperation with the Executive Director of Maison d’Arnaud, Rachidy Ali.