Ruanda: Four rain water tanks for a new primary school in Masaka

Posted on 25 Nov, 2014 by GFA

After the genozide in Ruanda in 1994, the Makasa community established Project Ruanda which is supported by the Pallottine Missionary Sisters from Poland, who have been involved in the country for 30 years. In the beginning, an orphanage was assisted, then schools in Kabuga und Masaka. Two small centers for women with many children were built. Children and parents are integrated in Project Ruanda activities. The sisters' work is supported by the catholic parish in Farmsen, a district in Hamburg. Every year, approximately 10,000 Euros can be sent to Ruanda as a result of collecting donations and staging Christmas markets and Thanksgiving days. The continuity of the project is as impressive as the sustained involvement of the parish since more than 20 years.

In the beginning of 2015, Project Ruanda opened a new primary school for approximately 1,000 children in Masaka, about 20 km from Kigali, the capital city. The proposed four water tanks are a meaningful investment to complement the newly established school building. The rain water is collected for class room cleaning, toilet flushing and irrigating the school garden and parks near the school. The new primary school is very important for Masaka, which did not have a school before. Due to a desolate infrastructure, more than 70 children were forced to walk 5-11 km and many other children were not able to attend school at all.

This project is undertaken by Sister Marta Litawa in Ruanda