Posted on 3 Aug, 2022 by Anja Desai

Life without smartphones is unthinkable, but unfortunately, their ecological footprint is problematic. GFA has decided, for this reason, to provide employees who are due a new company mobile phone with a Fairphone 4.

Mobile phones have an average service life of just under three years, which results in the production of an incredible amount of electronic waste. The European Environmental Bureau calculated an annual consumption of 14 million tonnes of CO2 for the mobile phones used in Europe alone over their entire life cycle. Additionally, the raw materials used in mobile phones are produced under concerning conditions. One of the activities of Projekt-Consult, a GFA Group company, is improving working and environmental conditions in the production chain. 

For this reason, GFA decided to consistently switch to the Fairphone 4 when employees need a new phone. The Fairphone is a valid alternative in the smartphone market. The phone has replaceable batteries, and instead of being glued, it can be opened and (inexpensively) repaired. This is intended to ensure significantly longer service life. In addition, the raw materials used are from fair production.

What do our colleagues say about the new Fairphone 4?

"Although the Fairphone 4 is slightly larger and heavier, I’m happy to overlook such minor details, knowing that the phone has been produced sustainably. Every thing about it has been improved, compared to the old GFA smartphone,” said S., GFA SysCom.

"The Fairphone not only meets all the requirements of a modern smartphone, it also shows the business opportunities for a small European company, when it addresses its responsibilities along its supply chain seriously and honestly,"  said Moritz Lörcher, Projekt-Consult.

“I’m a great proponent of the Fairphone, and I’m delighted to see how much the product has improved since the first iteration. It works smoothly. I can easily switch Work Mode on and off, it takes decent photos, and it gives me great satisfaction to know that it was produced responsibly, and that it is easy to repair," said Lukas Mörchen, Consultant GFA Consulting Group.

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