Posted on 21 Nov, 2023 by Hanna Brüning

In a significant move towards sustainability, GFA has recently enhanced its environmental commitment by installing 74 photovoltaic modules on the main building at its Hamburg headquarters. The installation, completed in October, comprises 18 modules on the west-facing pitched roof and 56 modules mounted on the flat roof.

With a total capacity of nearly 30 kWp (kilowatt-peak), referring how much power the panels can deliever under optimal conditions, the photovoltaic system is expected to generate approximately 28,000 kWh of electricity annually, depending on the duration of sunlight throughout the year. This initiative aligns with GFA's dedication to adopting eco-friendly practices and reducing its carbon footprint and would save up to 490 tons CO₂ per year (These values have already been adjusted for the CO2 emissions generated during the production of the modules)

In addition to the solar installation, it is worth noting that one of GFA's buildings is exclusively powered by geothermal heat, contributing further to the company's commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The rest of the energy consumed across GFA facilities is sourced from an eco-friendly supplier with renewable-energy options where possible.

The strategic placement of solar panels on both pitched and flat surfaces optimizes energy harnessing, contributing to the company's goal of sustainable energy consumption. Notably, the main headquarters house crucial servers with substantial power requirements, including weekends. As a result, it is anticipated that 80-85 percent of the solar power generated will be directly utilized by GFA.

This latest endeavor underscores GFA's ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility. The move towards solar energy not only showcases GFA's dedication to sustainability but also highlights the practical integration of renewable resources to meet the energy demands of a modern business infrastructure.