Successful start of GIZ project ProSoil in Western Kenya

Posted on 25 Feb, 2020 by Bert Smit

This February, GFA-SGL started the second phase of the Soil Protection and Rehabilitation (ProSoil) Project in Western Kenya. The project is part of the BMZ “One World Without Hunger” (SEWOH) initiative and is implemented by teams of GIZ, WHH and GFA with its consortium partner Sustainet Group Limited (SGL). The project has an initial value of EURO 1.2 million and a duration of 18 months, further extension is anticipated.

It is planned to work in three counties in Western Kenya (Siaya, Kakamega and Bungoma), where GFA has already built up solid expertise working on the dairy value chain. We will pursue a holistic approach based on micro-catchment areas, which we have implemented successfully in similar projects in Western and Eastern Africa. Instead of focussing on erosion hot spots and scattered farms, we will involve all actors in selected micro-catchment areas to efficiently link soil protection measures they can implement on their own farms (on-farm) with joint measures along riverbeds and slopes (off-farm). Moreover, we will combine physical soil protection and water retention measures with elements from Conservation Agriculture (CA) like minimum tillage, agro-forestry, mulching, mixed cropping and improved crop rotations.

Ministries, local government entities, Water Resource User Associations and research institutes have already expressed high interest in our approach. The GFA-SGL team is initiating an intensive coordination process with key actors. We are enthusiastically looking forward to working together to achieve improved soil rehabilitation and protection in the micro catchments, as well as higher yields and productivity for farmers.