Mitigation actions in green freight and on outreach - TRANSfer III

Indonesia, multi-country, Peru
GIZ, 2018 - 2020
Contract value: 447,300 EUR

In its third phase, the TRANSfer Project, i.e. "TRANSfer III - Facilitating the development of ambitious transport mitigation actions", has the objective to increase the efforts of developing countries and emerging economies to foster climate-friendly transport with international support. The project follows a multi-stakeholder approach and acts as a "mitigation action preparation facility".

TRANSfer focuses on the following four work packages:

  • Establishing and managing at least 1 multi-donor initiative, in particular "Mobilise Your City (MYC)"
  • Developing at least 5 low carbon transport support packages i.e. toolkits that support advisory processes and allow for economies of scale
  • Identifying and supporting the development of at least 8 ready-to-implement mitigation measures in at least five countries
  • Supporting international learning processes that foster an increase of the ambition level e.g. through the Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT).

TRANSfer acts as an incubator for transport mitigation actions in order to unlock mitigation potentials and aims to motivate international donors to participate in the development of GHG mitigation measures in transport on a global scale. Specific measures are tailor-made to the country context and typically involve a bundle of measures.


Governance Matters
Energy Efficiency


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