GKW Consult GmbH is a new company of the GFA Group.


GFA Consulting Group celebrates its 40th anniversary.


H2 Global Advisory GmbH is a new company of the GFA Group.


TolaData GmbH, Berlin, Nairobi, Kenya is a new company of the GFA Group.


Anja Desai and Ilona Schadl become GFA managing directors together with Heiko Weißleder. Klaus Altemeier and Christoph Schaefer-Kehnert retire as managing directors.


GFA Climate & Infrastructure (Pty.) Limited is founded with headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa.


GFA becomes a signatory of the UN Global Compact (UNGC).
GFA signs the letter of intent to officially become a member of the Make-IT Alliance, an initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


Heat GmbH, Königstein is a new company of the GFA Group.


HASPA BGM exit initiated. Gradual exit over a period of five years until 2019. GFA sells GFA Public to its managing directors. GFA Entec AG and Projekt-Consult GmbH are new companies of the GFA Group.


GFA South East Europe d.o.o. (GFA SEE) is founded with headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia.


GFA Certification GmbH is founded with headquarters in Hamburg. Next to the GFA main building a new office block is built. GFA ENVEST GmbH is integrated into GFA as Compentence Center for Climate & Energy.


GFA Public is founded with headquarters in Berlin.


Heiko Weißleder becomes managing director along with Klaus Altemeier and Christoph Schaefer-Kehnert. Günter Schmidt retires as managing director. Founder Johannes Lagemann and Maria Lagemann withdraw from day-to-day business. As part of a management buyout the HASPA BGM becomes minority stakeholder in GFA. GFA moves its Bonn office to Berlin.


GFA Consulting Group celebrates its 25th anniversary with a record turnover of € 53 million.


GFA Envest is founded.


GFA Terra Systems, GFA Management and GFA Medica are merged into GFA Consulting Group as regional and technical departments. GFA Consulting Group is managed by Klaus Altemeier, Johannes Lagemann, Christoph Schaefer-Kehnert and Günter Schmidt.


Thalys Conseil SARL is founded with headquarters in Rabat, Morocco.


B.I.S. Business Intelligence Systems, today GFA B.I.S., is founded with headquarters in Bonn.


At the end of the year, GFA demerges from GFA Umwelt, headquartered in Bonn. The remaining shareholders rename the company GFI Umwelt.


Company founder Johannes Lagemann withdraws from operational management and becomes chairman of GFA Holding AG.GFA SysCom is founded. GFA Holding AG merges with Luso Consult, Hamburg. Heiko Weißleder becomes managing director of GFA Medica. The new company headquarters in Hamburg-Volksdorf are completed. The workspace accommodates around 120 employees of GFA Holding, GFA Terra Systems, GFA Management, GFA Medica and GFA SysCom.


GFA LUB becomes GFA Holding GmbH and later in the same year GFA Holding AG.


GFA Medica International Health Consulting is founded in Munich.


GFA Mitarbeiter Beteiligungsgesellschaft (employees’ shareholder company) is founded and purchases a ten-per cent share in GFA Agrar. It currently holds seven per cent in GFA Holding AG. GFA opens an office in Hanoi, Vietnam.


The GFA Bonn office is opened by Günter Schmidt. GFA becomes the General Agent of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (BML) for technical cooperation in the agricultural sector in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS. GFA opens an office in Jakarta, Indonesia.


GFA Infrastruktur und Umweltschutz is founded in Bonn. On its tenth year anniversary the GFA Group consists of: GFA Agrar, GFA LUB, GFA Agritec, GFA International Management Consulting and GFA Umwelt.


The Social Forestry Development Project (SFDP) is launched in West Kalimantan, Indonesia; it continues until late 2002. GFA LUB is founded in the spring of 1990. GFA Agritec is founded in Frankfurt, Main. GFA International Management Consulting is founded in Hamburg.


GFA’s official name is shortened to “Gesellschaft für Agrarprojekte”.


GFA Agrar moves to new offices in Hamburg-Volksdorf.


First contract for a long-term project with the EU in Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso); first projects carried out in Mauritania and Senegal for the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ). Bernhard Riggers joins the company as director of finance.


Johannes Lagemann and Hans Jahnke establish GFA (Gesellschaft für Agrarprojekte in Übersee) with the first office in Hamburg-Duvenstedt.