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Inke Hase

Inke Hase is the director of the Education, Skills & Employment Department. She is an economist by profession with long-standing professional experience both in Germany as well as abroad. In the field of Technical and Vocational Education, she has a considerable track record in delivering training and the facilitation of multi-stakeholder networks. In recent years, Inke and her team have been exploiting innovative approaches for the digital delivery of TVET. Innovation has been her main driving force throughout her professional career. Inke is fluent in English and has a good working knowledge in French and Russian.

Andrea Ehben

Andrea Ehben is a portfolio manager in the Education, Skills and Employment Department. Together with her team, she is responsible for projects within the Francophone and West African regions. From the onset of her professional career, her work has focused on skills development amongst varied international contexts, such as GIZ’s Ghana Skills Development Initiative, where she gained experience as a long-term expert. Being a native of northern Germany, she gains stimulating fulfillment via alternating between working in Hamburg and the partner countries.

Stefanie Feilke

Stefanie Feilke is a portfolio manager in the Education, Skills & Employment Department. She holds a degree in economics and has been working in the fields of vocational training, labor markets, and public administration reform for more than 20 years. During this time, she has worked with stakeholders at the micro, meso, and macro levels. She is experienced in practical implementation work and advisory and management activities, including vocational guidance, placements, development of labor market policies and active labor market measures, advising ministries and public institutions on vocational training, and human resources development. Stefanie has also worked in the field of career guidance and (youth) employment promotion. She has many years of experience working with GIZ, EU, SDC, and KfW. Together with her team, she focuses on former transition countries and the Middle East

Christian Prange

Christian Prange is a portfolio manager in the Education, Skills & Employment Department. Holding a Master's degree in Sociology and Economy, he has worked as a project manager/consultant in various projects spanning over 14 years of experience in the field of development cooperation. This has especially focused in the areas of vocational education and training, labor market and employment, adult education, promotion of SME/private sector development as well as integration and migration. He has worked in 25 countries and owns a thorough knowledge of EU, GIZ, KFW, EBRD, SDC policies and the accompanying administrative procedures. He is a German native speaker while fluent in both English and Spanish.


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