Cluster Climate & Energy

Henrik Uehlecke

Henrik Uehlecke is Head of the Climate & Energy Cluster at GFA. He has held various positions at GFA since 2013, including Portfolio Manager in the Energy Department, as well as various expert and team leader positions. During his career, Henrik has worked on sustainable energy and climate issues, mainly in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and in Western and Southern Africa, most recently on the establishment of a sustainable green hydrogen economy in South Africa as part of the country's Just Energy Transition. As GFA's main contact in the field of energy and climate, Henrik represents GFA as a focal point in committees and expert groups as well as vis-à-vis clients in the bundling of climate issues across the GFA Group. He is also responsible for GFA's climate and energy strategy, which aims to promote and enhance GFA's climate change mitigation and adaptation services.


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