Burundi: Football for all kids

Posted on 25 Nov, 2014 by GFA

Burundi’s population still suffers from the civil war in the 1990s. The country’s economy in 2013 just made position 178 of 186 in the UN Human Development Index. Ethnically and politically motivated tensions between different ethnic groups remain. The Rutegama Football Club in central-western Burundi was founded to allow children and young people enjoying sports together irrespective of ethnic lines. The kids should simply experience fun and laugh with each other while, at the same time, they can share values such as tolerance, team spirit, determination and stamina.

The project was initiated by local staff of a GIZ water program GFA is involved in. GFA BRIDGES supports the newly founded club with necessary basic sports equipment. In addition, a call for commodity contributions at GFA headquarters received positive feedback so that respective goods could be supplied to the project.

This project is undertaken by Moussa Hassan and Eveline Stoffel.