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We were delighted to welcome distinguished visitors to our project in Albania, a composting plant in the municipality of Cërrik. The delegation was headed by the Director of German Cooperation in Albania, Mrs. Judith Hoffmann, who was joined by representatives from the Swiss, Austrian, and Swedish embassies, representatives of the High Council of Europe, the UN Resident Coordinator in Albania, the Head of EU Cooperation in Albania, the Director of the EBRD in Albania, the World Bank operations manager in Albania, the OSCE Representative in Albania, and the USAID representative in Albania.
During the visit, the high-level delegation had the opportunity to witness how the community's interest in a clean environment was combined with good governance and citizen engagement to realize the first and only waste-to-compost facility in Albania. The project was funded by the German government, and implemented by GIZ Albania: “Modernized, climate-friendly solid waste and recycling management (DKTI)”. Technical assistance was provided by the GFA Consulting Group experts, who helped with the modernization of the waste management services in Cërrik and 11 partner Municipalities in Albania. Through this financial and technical support, the Municipality of Cërrik now processes green and organic waste to create high-quality compost.
Donors were impressed with the tangible work and pledged to support this initiative in Albania as a pilot project that could be replicated throughout the country. “With this support, we create employment opportunities, keep the environment clean, and respect nature and citizens. We work tirelessly and for the benefit of our citizens,” said the Mayor of Cërrik, Mr. Andis Salla.
The compost plant in Cërrik has been in operation since May 2021. A team of 10 trained employers operates the site, coached by a GIZ/GFA local expert. The site has been operating daily since,  using windrow processing on green waste from farms and brown waste from both farms and bins in the city. 550m3 of organic waste has been collected and processed on the site resulting in about 300m3 of compost material, which has been used in green areas, local businesses, and for donations. The waste is collected from businesses and public spaces. As a combined site, cardboard and PET are collected and processed here, resulting in the sale of about 10tons of recyclable material, creating income for the Municipality.

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