Democratic Republic of the Congo: Improvement of an orphanage

Posted on 8 Nov, 2017 by GFA

In October 2017 GFA Bridges launched a project to support the only orphanage in Madimba, a town about 100 kilometers far from the capital city of Kinshasa. The project aims at improving the equipment and infrastructure of the orphanage originally established in 2007. The center provides food, shelter and basic education. The funding provided by GFA is for beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, and a solar equipment to make the center energy self-sustainable. Further, one newly constructed room in the backyard will be finished, walls be plastered, windows and doors purchased to create more space for the children and equipment for home gardening will be purchased. Currently there are 24 children between a few months and 17 years living in the orphanage and being supported by the project. Most of these children were found on the streets abandoned at birth, others lived on the street since their parents died.

This project is undertaken by by Laure Mbiakop Ndom, spouse of Martijn ter Heegde, TL of the PBF-KFW in Kinshasa.