Posted on 21 Jul, 2020 by Jan Marinko

The latest FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation) newsletter, June 2020 for Colombia involves the topic marketing strategies within the framework of COVID-19. It highlights a recent initiative in the city of Florencia in the southern department Caquetá which is presently supported by the GIZ project Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development – PROINTCAME (see page two - Alianzas locales). The project PROINTCAME is implemented by GFA on behalf of GIZ.

The project team provides technical and organizational support to the Environmental Corporation for the Promotion of Tourism and Integral Rural Community Development (Corcaraño), who has set up Farmers Markets (Mercados Campesinos) in the departmental capital city, Florencia. These markets provide a direct and fairer relationship between women farmers and urban consumers. Due to economic and social restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic on 5 April 2020, CORCARAÑO implemented various strategies to reactivate the farmers markets and to then keep them running while guaranteeing the health and security directives. Although the initiative had already been established three years prior, it has acquired a heightened relevance for the rural producers and communities for stabilizing family incomes and employment. In lieu of these positive outcomes, the famers-market model is now being rolled-out for more municipalities and departments throughout the country.

Download FAO newsletter (Spanish, PDF)