Posted on 3 Dec, 2020 by Dijana Draganovic

GFA’s Water, Sanitation and Waste Management department, in association with JBG Gauff Consultants and NETWAS Tanzania, has been providing consulting services for the implementation of the Investment Financing Facility (IFF) - Output Based Aid (OBA) for Tanzanian Urban Water Utilities since April 2016. The second phase of the project started in October 2019.

The IFF OBA Team Leader, Wolfgang Hützen, presented the IFF program at the eighth Annual Water Conference (AWAC 2020), organized by the Association of Tanzanian Water Suppliers in collaboration with the Ministry of Water and Development Partners. This year’s theme is Innovative Financing Approaches of Water Projects to Uphold Middle Income Economy. The conference took place between 18 – 19 November 2020 at the St. Gasper Hotel and Conference Centre, located in Dodoma. Hützen emphasized how the innovative financial approach of the IFF OBA program supports Tanzanian UWASAs to improve the water supply and sanitation service to their customers via mobilizing additional financial resources. 

Fundamentally, increased access to water and sanitation services in Tanzania, emerges from the assistance provided to water utilities via the preparation of adequate investment project proposals and loan applications for commercial borrowing.

More information about the project can be found on the project website.

Project in brief