Implementation of the Investment Financing Facility (IFF)

KfW, 2019 - 2021
Contract value: 1,057,627 EUR

The tasks of the Consulting Consortium include a comprehensive technical, financial, institutional, socio-economic and environmental assessment of the proposed water supply and sanitation project. As part of the environmental and socio-economic assessment a screening report, that classifies the environmental and social impact of the envisaged project, has been developed in cooperation with the Tanzanian Partner Ministry.

Based on the achievement of agreed performance targets (Output Based Approach – OBA) and adherence to defined standards, the UWASAs will then be rewarded by bonus payments out of the IFF/OBA-window. The main project objectives are as follows:

  1. Attracting well performing UWASAs to participate in the IFF program;
  2. assisting UWASAs in the adequate preparation and finalization of infrastructure investment project proposals;
  3. confirmation of eligibility and feasibility of UWASAs project proposals;
  4. assisting in the proper and dynamic implementation of commercially financed short-term infrastructure investment projects of Tanzanian UWASAs;
  5. evaluation and verification of each individual UWASA investment project implementation and achievement of agreed performance targets and adherence to standards;
  6. supporting MoW in luring participating Tanzanian commercial banks, to actively market and provide loan facilities to UWASAs;
  7. assist MoW in ensuring proper implementation of the Facility in line with the guidelines.



Promoting Sanitation And Hygiene

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