Posted on 4 Jun, 2021 by Astrid Lindenau and Doris Hachmeister

GFA in cooperation with DMI Associates recently completed the project “Support to the Development of a Geographical Indications System” in Ukraine that contributed to the implementation of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine. The project aimed at creating enhanced market opportunities for Ukrainian producers of wine, spirits, agricultural products and foodstuffs by registering their products as geographical indications (GIs). By indicating the specific geographical origin of a product and pointing out a certain reputation and qualities attributable to the place of origin, GIs contribute to the protection against counterfeit products.

The project was successful in registering three foodstuff GIs, two cheese varieties and cherries, in Ukraine and filing for further registration in the EU. A dossier for more GI products such as wine, watermelon, honey and sheep meat is ready for registration. Three pilot projects were promoted and implemented to increase tourism in rural areas where GI products originate, i.e. Wine and Waste Route of Ukrainian Bessarabia, Taste Route of Prykarpattia, and Wine and Taste Route of Zakarpattia.

Other regions such as Kherson, Cherkasy, Rivne and Kryvyi Rih are moving towards establishing similar routes and a Ukrainian Association of Wine & Taste (W&T) Route has been registered. This demonstrates the increasing demand from producers, local administrations and tourist industry for combining GI products and tourism development as a holistic approach to rural development in Ukraine.

The project, implemented between fall 2017 and spring 2021, had four main components – legislation, rebranding, GI development, and rural development. This safeguarded consistency between Ukrainian legislation and the EU acquis related to the provisions of the Association Agreement regarding GIs. Sensitive products needed additional marketing and rebranding processes as well as identification, registration and control of GIs.

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