Posted on 24 Dec, 2021 by Ulrich Theuerkauf, Director GFA Energy Department

On 1 Jan 2022, GFA will become a member of Renewable Energy Hamburg (EEHH), a network of more than 200 private companies, universities, research institutes and public authorities. The core elements and activities in this cluster have been in offshore and onshore wind energy, together with solar energy, renewable heat, sector coupling and energy storage. Since 2021, a green hydrogen pillar enlarges the scope of the network. Membership in the cluster gives GFA an excellent opportunity to access technological, economic and legal expertise in green hydrogen and other fields of energy transition. This is a chance for GFA to gain state-of the art knowledge from practitioners that the company can apply in its worldwide projects. On the other hand, the cluster will profit from GFA’s working experience in international markets in developing and newly industrializing countries, and in initiating international cooperation projects. GFA is already working with EEHH members in some of its projects, e.g. with the Technical University of Hamburg Harburg in the context of an energy project in Senegal. The company’s contributions to EEHH will be managed by the GFA Energy Department.

GFA at Renewable Energy Hamburg

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