Higher education program for renewable energy and energy efficiency (PERSEREE)

GIZ, 2021 - 2022
Contract value: 569,950 EUR

PESEREE II was working in three components:

1. Broadening the offer of Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency training in ISEPs (Institut Supérieur d’Enseignement Professionnel);

2. Strengthening the capacities of the Inter-University Masters Degree in Renewable Energy (MIER) network for the implementation of their training program;

3. Anchoring measures to strengthen entrepreneurial skills in partner institutions.

GFA provides the following services:

  • Conduct a training assessment need with the universities and develop training materials on RE and EE.
  • Identify interested private sector and industry partners for applied research cooperation.
  • Propose research topics related to access to energy, renewable energies and the efficient productive use of energy along the value chain with partners.
  • Organize visits of Senegalese researchers and teachers to German model institutions and companies specialized in TI & AR in RE/EE.
  • Develop templates for planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of technology transfer measures.
  • Support the organization of an innovation fair on sustainable energies.
  • Prefeasibility study on GH2 and green ammonia potential of Senegal: geospatial analysis of solar and wind resources using GIS, identification of suitable sites for solar PV and wind power plant development, computation of LCOE, LCOH and LCOA, estimation of GH2 and green ammonia production potential of Senegal.


Renewable Hydrogen
Energy Efficiency


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