Posted on 12 Nov, 2020 by Dr. Birgit Boetius

The technical assistance to the Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA) prepared and supported an Africa Union Commission (AUC) workshop on Building Trust in the African Digital Ecosystem at the Global IGF (Internet Governance Forum) from 2nd -17th November 2020 as a virtual meeting. You can watch the recording on youtube.

The focus of the session is on trust & Confidence Building Mechanisms (CBM) in cyberspace in the context of Africa. The panelists discuss issues of trust that hinder the use & utilization by AUC member states of the advanced data-driven digital services, such as Internet of Things (IOT), big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Challenges & opportunities presented by the global processes of digitalization & datafication will be highlighted including the role of stakeholders in developing governance frameworks for a safe & trusted online space and the need for AU member states to ratify the Malabo Convention on cyber security.

The organization team and speakers:

Margaret Nyambura Ndung'u, African Union Commission - PRIDA TA (organizer 1)
Adil Ismail Sulieman, The African Union Commission (organizer 2)


  1. Moctar Yedaly, AUC Commission
  2. Adil Ismail Sulieman, The African Union Commission
  3. Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola , Private Sector, African Group
  4.  Nnenna Ifeanyi-Ajufo, ISOC Nigeria
  5. Vladimir Radunovic – DiPLO Foundation
  6. Dr. Alison Gillwald, Executive Director - Research ICT Africa, Consortium Partner of the TA to PRIDA
  7. Hanane Boujemi, African Union Commission, TA to PRIDA

Project in brief

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