Posted on 4 Mar, 2021 by Daniel Mazuré, Dr. Daniel Wahby, Pia Fischer

By providing holistic circular economy solutions, GFA contributes to addressing one of the most complex challenges of today – the decoupling of natural resource consumption from economic growth. The model of circular economy is based on the goal to design out waste and pollution, keep materials in use and regenerate natural systems. It calls for changes in many technical fields such as governance, education, private sector development, waste management and financing. Related processes are highly complex and require technical competence and assistance. This is exactly what the GFA Group has to offer. Teams of specialists in these fields provide holistic solutions based on long-standing technical experience and innovative thinking. The GFA Climate & Energy Cluster and its Technical Working Group on Green and Circular Economy enable and support inhouse experts to leverage synergies from collaboration across all relevant business units within the Group so that services for all aspects of a circular economy can be developed and provided.

Read more about Circular Economy in our factsheet (PDF).