Posted on 7 Oct, 2021 by Lina Brandt

Between the 21st and 23rd of September, 2021, the Ministry of Health and key stakeholders of the health sector in Malawi came together at the Joint Annual Health Sector Performance Review (JAR), under a focused theme: "Sustaining healthcare gains towards universal health coverage amidst the COVID19 pandemic". The partners reviewed the progress within the Health Sector Strategic Plan II – HSSP II (2017-2022).

An aspect of the HSSP II envisages a hospital reform process. Since 2019, GFA Consulting Group GmbH has been under contract by GIZ via the Malawi German Health Program to assist with providing consulting services to the Ministry of Health's Department for Planning and Policy Development and two central hospitals. In order to enhance hospital autonomy, the services aim to strengthen organizational and human resources capacity in addition to the legal environment.

JAR 2021 offered GFA’s project team an opportunity to present the key achievements. These include the hospital human resource policies and procedures; capacity development plans and training material for the training of hospital managers and trustees. Key challenges have been: the absence of necessary hospital boards and new hospital executives needed to play central roles for the hospital reforms, lengthy approval pathways and the COVID-19 pandemic.

HRP Malawi project factsheet (PDF)

Project in brief

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