Posted on 4 Jul, 2022 by Daniel Otto

The Joint Action for Sustainable Development project, which is financed by the budget of the Federal Chancelleryand implemented by GFA, has launched thelanding page of its website , inviting organizations around Germany to register their sustainability initiative on a national web platform.

Key players in the German sustainability industry came together in Wolfsburg for the first network summit. The goal was to develop ideas for sustainability transformation and to establish new cooperations. The GFA project team provided a workshop to identify requirements and preferences for an online presence of the sustainability network.

The project was founded to close the gaps in the data on initiatives that contribute to the SDGs in Germany, as there was no comprehensive and adequate database. The Joint Action for Sustainability project will close this gap and shed light on ongoing SDG activities through the platform. The online database will map all organizations – from the community, business, or politics - that contribute to sustainable development in Germany. We will build additional features to enable people and organizations to network, share ideas, and work together. In the future, AI capabilities will help identify and publish sustainability initiatives on the platform.

In the coming months, we will continue to develop the platform, in cooperation with Exxeta and the German Council for Sustainable Development (Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung or RNE). German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will launch a beta version of the platform at RNE’s yearly conference in September.
Project in brief

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