Posted on 25 Aug, 2022 by Dijana Delic

 As part of the GIZ Reform of the Water Sector II program in Zambia, GFA conducted theoretical and practical training sessions for the Lusaka Water and Sanitation Company personnel. Prior to the training sessions, GFA concluded the tender process and procured sampling and testing equipment. This innovative equipment for wastewater sampling and testing will allow the LWSC personnel to perform their daily tasks more efficiently.

Prior to the monitoring campaign, GFA organized a five-day classroom theoretical training on wastewater sampling and testing methods. The LWSC laboratory staff learned how to use the newly procured equipment, select the sampling method, prepare the sampling equipment and properly conduct physical and chemical analyses in the laboratory. Finally, the training emphasized the importance of analytic quality assurance and the establishment of an indirect discharge-monitoring database.

The trained staff takes composite samples at the premises and conducts the physical and chemical analysis in the wastewater laboratory. This monitoring campaign provides a solid platform for the water utility to interact with the industries while enabling them to consult on improving the pre-treatment process at the source of the trade effluent.

Project in brief

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