Application of blockchain technology to support GAVIs Mission

KfW, 2020 - 2023
Contract value: 138,781 EUR

In 2018, KfW developed TruBudget (Trusted Budget Expenditure), a blockchain software solution for grant management. In parallel, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, had also been exploring the potential of blockchain applications and had identified three potential application areas:

  1. Identifying children missed by traditional approaches
  2. Monitoring vaccine quality and logistics
  3. Financial management.

To explore the potential of TruBudget for the given situations, a two-phase feasibility study was commissioned by KfW in collaboration with Gavi.

In Phase I, GFAs team of experts analyzed the relative benefits of using blockchain versus or in addition to current Gavi-supported systems for cash support and vaccine supply chain management at different levels, and presented a blockchain use case to address pain points and improve aspects of cash support and/or vaccine management systems. Three countries for potential piloting of the above use cases

Based on the results of Phase I and direct negotiations with KfW, Togo was selected as a potential pilot country. As part of Phase II, GFAs team of experts conducted an evaluation of the relevant vaccine supply chain and related financial management landscape in Togo. This evaluation was used to design a pilot project for the use of blockchain technology in Togo. 


Digital Health


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