Digitization of a climate monitoring tool and general maintenance of RbM-system

GIZ, 2021 - 2026
Contract value: 183,920 EUR

With its special initiative "One World - No Hunger", the BMZ is making a global contribution to eradicating hunger and malnutrition among the rural population in developing countries. Key factors in Action Area 5 of the initiative are the protection and restoration of agricultural soils. The goal of the global project "Soil Protection and Soil Rehabilitation for Food Security" within the special initiative " One World Without Hunger" is to implement sustainable soil protection and soil rehabilitation approaches on a large scale in selected partner countries. The project covers the following partner countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Madagascar and Tunisia. The strategic objective of the project is to achieve the broadest possible impact through the adoption of proven and improved strategies for soil protection and rehabilitation of degraded soils, including in the short term, while improving the regulatory and socio-economic framework and helping partners to use the lessons learned, evaluate them in policy terms and integrate them into their national and international dialogues. The project has four interlinked areas of action:

  • Implementation of soil protection and remediation measures
  • Political, institutional and social mainstreaming of soil protection and remediation (SPR)
  • Transfer of experience and innovations in SPR; and a new field of action
  • Piloting soil protection for climate change mitigation and adaptation and for food security

One of the tasks of the Bonn-based Steering Unit (SE) is to coordinate the further planning and implementation of the Global Programme, including the country activities, and to implement supporting measures (e.g. overarching studies, knowledge management concept, digitization orientation) to complement the activities in the individual Country Packages (CP). This includes in particular the aggregated impact monitoring at the global level for overarching reporting to the client BMZ and the roll-out of the climate monitoring system.

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