Digitalization is playing an increasing role in addressing the challenges faced by financial institutions (FIs). This is of paramount importance within developing and emerging markets, where the financial sector holds the potential to provide a sound and sustainable foundation for economic development. Despite its relevance, FIs in those countries often struggle to cope adequately within the demands of rapid technological changes. Consequently, digital solutions have become a fundamental component of Financial Systems Development.

GFA concept and services

GFA works to make better use of the potential of digital tools for boosting and strengthening sustainable financial systems. Therefore, we respond to this challenge by developing both tailor-made and high-quality digital solutions for financial institutions as well as for their clients in a large variety of sectors. Due to our worldwide presence along with our experience at implementing manifold projects for different development partners, we are abreast with all best industry practices and international standards. Our range of services include:

Data collection & analysis
Digital solutions that enable automated data collection and analysis to monitor the progress of individual sub-projects as well as their technical and financial performance (e.g. online M&E tools, dashboards and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting).

Information management tools
Tools that allow automatic access to and the comparison with several data sources by entering specific parameters (e.g. eligibility assessments, profitability and risk analyses).

E-learning/knowledge sharing
Digital solutions that are based on market and demand analyses to support digital training / capacity building activities and marketing / awareness raising campaigns.

Front- and/or back-end digitization of FIs' operational processes
Digitization of internal processes of FIs (especially Application Processing System (APS) for credit origination and processing, administration and monitoring).

Data based lending support/ digital credit scoring
Tools based on multi-layered borrowers' information (e.g. business information, social characteristics, credit history, etc.) that allow FIs to predict the risk of lending money to customers, the borrower’s credit scoring in the absence of long-term traditional parameters.

Alternative delivery channels / Mobile Money
Support to FIs in the development of alternative product and service delivery channels, such as agent banking (incl. POS), or mobile payment options (i.e. e-wallets and mobile money).
Energy savings / emissions reduction calculation tools
Tools that forecast the expected energy savings and/or CO2 emissions reductions when deploying sustainable energy technologies.

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