GFA newsletter 1/2019: Innovations for agriculture in West Africa

Posted on 28 Mar, 2019 by Hans-Christoph Schaefer-Kehnert

For decades, raising agricultural productivity in West Africa has been a major challenge. GFA prioritizes adapted technological and institutional innovations for smallholders and value chains. This will lead to a vibrant smallholder agriculture and agro-industry, increased food supply and reduced poverty. The newsletter showcases successful innovations adopted by smallholders that have significantly increased farm productivity. The Smart-Valleys approach in Benin and best-practice agronomic principles in cashew production in Ivory Coast both led to productivity increases for farmers living in the proximity of major national parks.

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> NEWSLETTER 01/2019 (English, PDF)

> NEWSLETTER 01/2019 (French, PDF)

Photos: Oliver Girard (Benin) & GFA